The Challenge: Journal For A Month

The Challenge: Journal For A Month

Go ahead. Try it. It will change your life. Journal once a day, for a month. It will ground you, keep you on track, and remind you what matters most. 

Studies show people (Oprah Winfrey, Joan Didion, and Frida Kahlo to name a few)  who journal show increased creativity, self-confidence, and a state of mindfulness that comes from the daily reflection written down in their journals. 

Journaling has been linked to higher IQ , memory retention, and reaching goals sooner. It also helps with stress because writing it all out and leaving things that upset us on the pages can make a really big problem seem more manageable. Sound good? We think so.

That's why, together as a team, we've committed to writing in a journal once a day for the month of August. Thirty-one days, thirty-one entries, no matter how long or how short. Once a day for a month, we've committed to sit down and write in our journals for five minutes a day. Whatever we want and however we want, so long as we write.  Want to join us? 

It's hard to start, we get it. But we're going to do this together, and we're going to be there the whole month cheering you on.

For starters, here are a few tips on how to make this a habit you won't want to break. We hope you'll share your stories with us using #splachallenge and of course, feel free to email us as well. Happy journaling!

Start fresh

Take five minutes each morning and write. Just write. Anything, it's a great way to get clear about the day ahead. A clean, fresh page of paper holds endless possibilities and we find it's easier to get inspired with a journal designated solely to our every day thoughts. And of course, we know exactly where to find the right one for the job.

Find the right spot

Write at your kitchen table, under the covers, or even the subway. Whatever it is, try to pick the same spot every day. It will make it more of a routine, easier to remember to do, and more intentional. 

Don't overthink it

Journal with the idea that no one will read it. So that means you can take the pressure off of yourself to have perfect grammar and spelling or witty repartee. Get comfortable, take a deep breath, relax, and write. Nothing is off topic and anything counts-even if it's the same word written ten times to get you going. Hey, it's a start.

Need more help?

We get it, us too. Try any of these writing prompts to get you going, one for each day of the challenge. And check in daily, we'll be offering cheerleading @sugarpaperla all month.

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