The Baby Book

baby book flax

They say it goes by quickly, and it does. One minute you're having a baby and then you blink and you have a toddler. When we set out to design a baby book we made it with our children in mind. It had to reflect our love of beauty and tradition, something we try to pass along to our children every step of the way, and it had to do a really important job. It had to capture more than the firsts, it had to capture the experience. We made it for them, and for you. 

When we began designing the baby book, there were a lot of Sugar Paper babies in the mix. One designer was newly pregnant, another one had a newborn, and one was celebrating the first year benchmark.

Cover of blue baby book with baby photos

With that in mind, we wanted to find a way to capture the moments that make up those first memories of parenthood. And so we made a place for it all, the emotions, the stories, and the people who make up a family. We wanted to make sure to design a book that would capture the "firsts", the laughter, and even some of the tears.

With so many paper-loving moms in one place, the concept of a Sugar Paper baby book was a natural fit and what to include inside was a true collaboration. It had to have a simple, thoughtful design with room for every detail. We made special envelopes for letters to the baby, a home for the birth announcement, and even a tiny envelope to capture that first locket of hair.

It had to capture more than the firsts, it had to capture the experience.

Open baby book with birth announcement

Announcements, birth certificates, ultrasound photos, and hospital bracelets all have a spot in the book whether it be on dedicated pages, or envelopes made to tuck those items away and save them forever.

We made a spot to track each month in photos and important milestones, and added in a notes section for things they did, first words spoken, and those small exchanges...that made us laugh and cry.

It's the baby book we wish we had when our kids were born, and can't wait to fill out as they grow. We love it and we made it for them, and for you.


Chelsea and Jamie