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Press Mentions

Sugar Paper founders, Jamie and Chelsea, at front door


Jamie Grobecker and Chelsea Shukov

Some people spend their lives looking for their passion. And some have it in them from the very beginning.

For Chelsea Shukov and Jamie Grobecker, it has been there all along. Growing up, they were taught to appreciate not only the ritual of the hand-written note but the emotion that can be evoked through a letter sent in the mail or a birthday card selected with care.

In 2003, the two came together with a common goal: to develop a collection of fine stationery for a new generation. Sugar Paper would have the quality of the fine paper goods they saw on their mother’s desks, but with an aesthetic and feel that was made for the modern girl. Armed with an antique letterpress, they brought their vision to life in a stationery collection centered on quality, love and dedication to the craft.

Sugar Paper founders, Jamie and Chelsea, on couch

Twenty years later, that quality, love and dedication is still seen in every Sugar Paper product they design and make in their Los Angeles studio. Sugar Paper has grown into an omni-channel lifestyle brand with a handful of retail stores, a DTC site, thousands of wholesale accounts, and partnerships with companies like Target and Paperless Post.

And Chelsea and Jamie are there, overseeing every detail in every way, each and every day. As they did from the very beginning. 

Welcome to Sugar Paper.

We make beautiful things for thoughtful people.

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