It's not just the paper that makes it Sugar Paper, it's the exceptional quality and detail that goes into every single product that is made in our studio in Los Angeles.

Today, Sugar Paper is found in thousands of stores in the United States and around the world, in shops big and small. Sugar Paper shops can be found in the historic Country Mart in Brentwood, beautiful Newport Beach, and our newest location in Marin.

As we grow and branch out and expand our brand, the bespoke commitment that was put in place with those very first orders remains the foundation of our business. It’s why we work with local craftsmen to make small batch, handmade leather. It’s why our candles are individually hand-poured and why every envelope is lined by hand and personally checked for quality.

It’s why we dot every "i" and cross every "t" and go back and do it again and again. It's why we still find ourselves in the studio most mornings, alongside our team, checking the paper and looking at envelopes and testing the leather and taking risks. Just like we did nearly two decades ago. And hope to do for many years to come. 

Our Studio

Our paper goods are designed and hand printed in-house at our Los Angeles studio. Events happen monthly and fill up quickly, so get on the list and stay in touch.