Quick Start: How to use your new Undated Daily Planner

Quick Start: How to use your new Undated Daily Planner

The only constant in life is change. Our priorities change with the seasons and our workloads ebb and flow over the year. Sometimes we need to plan our lives by the hour, sometimes we need to take it day by day.

So, we made an undated daily planner that’s flexible to meet your needs so you can focus on what’s important to you right now and plan at your own pace.

Here’s a quick roadmap for using your new planner. And, if you’re tackling any big goals or projects, at the end of the blog, we’ll give you step-by-step directions for using your planner to easily make progress on those.

Plan Your Month

Add appointments, significant dates, goal milestones, and action steps in the monthly view. Add the things you need to be flexible with, as well as notes, into the side column.

Plan Your Week 

The Undated Daily Planner gives you four pages of weekly planning. Start by filling out the “This Week’s Plan” page to set your priorities and intentions for the week.

Keep energized and avoid meal-planning overwhelm by using the weekly meal planner.

Once you have your week planned out to serve you, and have captured what’s really important, you can hop into the “Weekly Overview” to get logistical. Here you’ll have an overview of your week by the hour. Drop in your appointments and meetings. And then block out the time you want to give to your priorities.

Plan Your Day

Now that you’ve got your weekly plans set as your north star, you’re ready to zoom in and go one day at a time. Remember each day is a fresh start. Each morning, name your top three things to accomplish - as long as you get those done, you’ve won the day!

Next, list out your other important tasks and plan your day by the hour as needed. You’ve also got a full page each day for notes, including a blank section if you’re a doodler or scrapbooker, and we included a little bonus: daily water tracking (who hasn’t been derailed by dehydration crabbiness?)

Lastly, Reflect

A favorite tip: schedule time weekly or monthly to reflect on the recent past. There’s power in actively learning from your experiences and your planner will quickly start to reveal where you’re giving your time and attention.

Look for patterns or things you may be avoiding or ignoring. Sometimes you’re avoiding a task or goal because it really shouldn’t be yours to carry. Sometimes you’re ignoring an issue that feels difficult to solve on your own and you need a little help. See what you can learn from your planner and don’t be afraid to change course. 

And shine a light on your successes and good days! Celebrate the wins and take note of the circumstances around them so you can more easily set yourself up for more of the good stuff.

(If you have momentum, we’ve got a more in-depth guide on how to do a monthly reflect and reset here.)

Want to make significant progress on a long-term goal? Let’s Plan It.

Maybe you’re considering a career change, lifestyle overhaul, or planning a dream vacation? Start by brainstorming about what you need to do to reach that goal. Break things down into manageable chunks. What can you do first to make progress? What habits will help you get there?

When you know your long-term goal, zoom in on just the next three months. We’ve found that three-month planning is the sweet spot to keep motivation and inspiration up. It’s not as overwhelming as a year, but it’s enough time to make real progress and create lasting change.

When you know what you need to do in the next three months, narrow your focus to just the first month. Pull those tasks and habits and you’re ready to start planning!

(If you want a little more help, or want to dig a bit deeper into goal planning, we got you! Download our free printable here!)

A Final Note

The best thing about our undated planner? It’s got all the tools you need to keep you consistently on track. Also the best thing about our undated planner? Let’s be real, sometimes we get derailed (life is unpredictable!) and that’s okay. Your undated planner will be there, no wasted pages, when you’re ready to pick back up again. Guilt-free. 

Your planner is your offline space to dream, to reset, and to refresh. So, let your planner work for you and don’t be too hard on yourself.