Which Planner Are You?

Which Planner Are You?

If there is anything we've learned over the last five years of making planners, it's that no two planners are the same and no two planner people are the same. If you ask a room full of planner enthusiasts the simple question of spiral versus bound you are going to get some very strong opinions about both. We love that because we have them too! We also love that because they help us make our planner decisions every year. We listen to every email, voicemail, and social message you send and we try to put together each year's collection with you in mind. So which planner are you?


 Are You A Spiral Person?

If you like the option to lay your planner flat or fold it back on itself you are a spiral person. Fans of this classic love that it can become compact and then written on both sides of a flat service. It goes easily from the meeting to the desk where it can lay flat. And of course, the gold spiral is a really pretty touch.


The small size was inspired by all of our customers who called in asking for a planner they could keep in their purse. Message received!

Your planner is with you all year, it has to be right.

Are You A Fabric Bound Person?

If you like a little bit of sophistication with your planning, you'll love our fabric bound planners that meet the quality and sophistication of ours. We feel so happy that you see what we do so clearly. We work hard to make Sugar Paper planners the best. This planner's fans appreciate the book bound feel of the linen fabrics in signature colors. Many of them tell us it's hard to find bound planners as the spirals are so popular.

Luxurious gold foil detailing and a clean weekly layout with the week on the right and a space for notes on the left make these popular with the note-taking crowd. It can lay flat and now the pocket planner and the small bound planner allow you to take this format with you on the go.

Are You A Concealed Planner Person?

If you like to have it all, fabric binding, gold foil detailing, and a shiny gold spiral, then you are going to be a Concealed Planner person. This one-inch spiral is covered with linen fabric and bound like a book. It comes with a catch-all pocket and a thank you note and birthday tracker. It's the powerhouse of the collection and a favorite for good reason.

Are You A Monthly Planner Person?

If you want a simple and straightforward planner with a clear look at your month ahead you might be a monthly planner person. Fans of this style buy them in bunches to use for individual projects (or each of their kids like our founders do). They also support all of our other planners as a nice add-on for your planning goals.