Introducing: Pencil & Paper Co. x Sugar Paper

Introducing: Pencil & Paper Co. x  Sugar Paper

We're big fans of Pencil & Paper Co. We have followed Gen Sohr's blog for years and we find ourselves swiping up at her curated picks for fashion and home all the time. Gen's love of bold, bright colors and whimsical patterns is departure from the pale palette you might typically find at Sugar Paper which is exactly why we partnered with her this year. In the spirit of true collaboration, any time we work with another brand our goal is to give you the best of both brands.

Our plan was to develop one signature planner in everyone's favorite spiral format with the Pencil & Paper Co. look and feel. We began by sampling two different designs to see which one we all liked best. And guess what? We loved them both! So here they are! Two exclusive Pencil & Paper Co. x Sugar Paper 2022 planners.

They're the best of both worlds.

Choose your favorite! We couldn't decide...

It's Gen's love of pattern and color coupled with all the Sugar Paper details you love. 

"We know life can often feel like a never ending to do list, but staying organized and inspired certainly helps make the day to day frenzy less daunting! Remember if you write it down, you're more likely to make it happen. Never forget to live your dreams and create the life you want."

Gen Sohr