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A fresh new year calls for a fresh new board, and putting together our boards has become sort of an art form here at Sugar Paper. Just like everything we do, we put a lot of care and attention into them. Here is a peek inside the process to help you start your new year off inspired and get ready for a great year ahead.

First, we like to choose a general mood and color scheme for the board, usually one that fits the season. This one is about a feeling of independence, looking to the future, and setting goals. We always start with images that we’ve collected on Pinterest. We print them on matte photo paper with a thin white border to keep it feeling special, like a polaroid in an album. Pin your favorite and largest images to the board first to act as an anchor. Then layer in a second, medium sized set of images around those anchor points.

Having a color scheme can keep your board looking cohesive and well thought out. This board is mostly black, white, and blue with some warm gold and pink coming through.

Now we sprinkle in handwritten notes, cards, lettering, and personal touches that make the board meaningful. We like to use calendar pages, inspiring quotes, or artwork from our kids.

Next pin up the smallest images in your collection to fill in the gaps.

The last pass is our favorite. We add small items to give the board some texture. These can be a favorite fabric or ink swatch, tags on ribbon, or any little objects that mean something to you. Something that goes on the inspiration board should be special enough to be seen all the time and becomes part of a workspace’s landscape. With a little bit of planning, an inspiration board can keep you motivated to do what you love and to do it well. What will inspire yours?