What's In Our Founder's Handbags?

What's In Our Founder's Handbags?

If you’re like us, you’re using the new year as an opportunity to get organized and start fresh. We’re conquering junk drawers and tackling storage closets. Letting go of what we don’t need and concentrating on what’s important. Our founders, Jamie Grobecker  and Chelsea Shukov, have focused their clean-up energies on their homes, their calendars and their handbags. Keeping them clutter free to stay clear and open to ideas to bring you new and exciting Sugar Paper this year.


My purse is like my mobile office, so it’s important that I keep it neat and tidy and packed with essentials to get me through my day. I never leave home without a pen and pad. You never know when the ideas are going to come and I don’t want them to slip away when they do. I also love being the one to have a pen handy when someone needs one. I like to pick a phone case that stands out and is easy to find in my bag and I have a pouch in there with the all-important lipsticks, hand sanitizers and lotions.


My favorite tool for keeping my purse organized is our zipper pouches. It’s like a drawer organizer for my purse. Snacks, keys and lipgloss all go in there. In a pinch, I can also use it as a clutch to go out to dinner or if I want to run out quickly without my big bag. Life’s little frustrations like rummaging around to find something in my bag, can set the creative process back and I can’t have that. A cluttered mind can’t be creative. Searching through your purse endlessly only to come up empty handed can drive anyone crazy, and can break your train of thought. I love our signature agenda cased in leather to protect it as I bring it in and out all day. It helps me keep up to date with meetings and the kids' schedules. It also has plenty of space for me to take notes on the fly. A new year is exciting and I’ve got great expectations for Sugar Paper in 2018. These essentials are going to help me get it all done, in style.