How To Write The Perfect Thank You Note

It seems as long as we can remember, our mothers were impressing upon us the importance of sending thank you notes. Now as moms ourselves, we do the same thing. In a world of text and email, it is easy to send a quick thank you and then mark that to-do off your list. But more meaningful than a text, a handwritten thank you stands out.

Sometimes writing a thank you note can be intimidating, especially after the holidays when the list multiplies. To help you get it done and to get it done right, we’ve broken it down into the five key pieces we always include in every thank you.

1. The Greeting
2. The Gratitude
3. The Anecdote
4. The Appreciation
5. The Sign Off
A note is appreciated any time it’s received, but we suggest knocking them out as soon as you get a chance. Having a huge list of thank you notes to write can be overwhelming.  If you have a tough time keeping track of gifts and thank you notes, our agendas include tracking pages, and our gift journal is the perfect accessory for keeping a record of thoughtful gifts over the years and making sure you write a thank you for each one. Gratitude never goes out of style.