Gorgeous Gift Wrap

Gorgeous Gift Wrap

Sugar Paper is known for holiday gift wrap. Each year, our founders design a beautiful collection of gift wrap, ribbon, boxes, and accessories for Target that has become a much-anticipated part of holiday traditions in homes across the country.

Our co-founder, Jamie, not only art directs the collection alongside Chelsea, but she is the gal behind-the-scenes who is responsible for every gorgeous gift on our Instagram feed. She personally wraps each gift and styles each shot. We learn a ton from standing next to her on these shoots and we thought you might want to know some of her trade secrets.

Cut the Paper to Size

We can't say this one enough. Cutting the paper to size makes all the difference in wrapping a beautiful present. Make sure your paper is cut to fold half way down the sides of the box. Jamie reminds us often that it's the most important part of gift wrapping. It sets you up for crisp corners and saves time and paper in the process.

She and Chelsea add a helpful grid on the back of the Target wrap to help with this step because it's that important.

Good Ribbon Makes All the Difference

If you can tie a shoelace, you can tie a bow and good ribbon makes that simple step shine. High quality ribbon turns an average bow into a beautiful bow which is why we never cut corners when it comes to ribbon. Every spool of ribbon we approve for the Target line has to pass Jamie's personal bow test so we know that you'll love it as much as she does.

Pro Tip: Always cut the ends of your ribbon with sharp scissors on an angle. It makes the bow look more finished.

 The Finishing Touch

Adding a small touch to the top of a gift can turn a pretty package into a gorgeous pinterest-worthy gift. It can be as simple as a sprig of greenery from the backyard, a mini ornament, or jingle bell like the ones she used here. It shows you've gone above and beyond to make the recipient feel special and, after all, that's what it's all for.

Pro Tip: Our Signature Candle boxes are designed to look like a gift so you can skip the wrap here if you're in a rush. Add a bow and a topper and you're set.

Happy Holidays!