How To Write A Thoughtful Note

How To Write A Thoughtful Note

There are countless occasions to send a card and endless reasons to write a letter. A thoughtful gift deserves a heart-felt thank you; hearing a friend has hit a rough patch calls for at least a few words of support; and falling in love can inspire love notes that would put some of history’s greatest romantics to shame. Our favorite excuse is of the just-because variety: Whether it’s an inside joke that makes you laugh out loud or reminding a friend that they are wonderful on a totally random day, we’re always up for sending a dose of positivity through the mail.


Even if the only letter-writing you ever do is doling out thank you notes, then our job here is done. When someone has given you a gift, done something for you, or gone out of their way to show you kindness, acknowledge their generosity and efforts with a thanks. Instead of opening with the standard  “Thank you for the [fill in the blank]”, which can feel stiff and formulaic, our best advice is to start your note with the word “you.” It opens a world of possibilities. For example, “You shouldn’t have!” or “You are the most thoughtful person I know.” Then, say thank you. It works like a charm when you need help getting the gratitude flowing.


During the early days of feeling absolutely smitten, you can pour your heart out onto the page. As love grows, you may not feel compelled to express yourself with the same passion, but you can always reaffirm your feelings, celebrate something about your partner, or touch on a special memory. When you come across these years later, you will be glad you did.


Word of a new healthy, happy baby travels fast. It’s ideal to send a card and/or gift promptly after hearing the news. The first few days, weeks, and even months of having an infant at home can be a blur and feel quite isolating for parents so receiving your warm wishes in the mail not only brightens their day but is also a happy reminder of the outside world.   While babies are the most common new additions, a child of any age can join a family through adoption. This is an especially sweet reason to send a card and/or gift and one that not everyone thinks to celebrate so your thoughtful note will mean even more to the recipient.


When times are tough, even the toughest need empathy and compassion. So, when it seems that a friend, loved one, or anyone who plays a valuable part in your life may be going through something challenging, it’s even more important to show up for them. Taking a moment to write a heartfelt note can make a world of difference, even if you don’t know exactly what to say.