The Baby Book, Page By Page

The Baby Book, Page By Page

Having a baby is one of the most impactful moments of your life. The Sugar Paper Baby Book was created to capture those moments so they can be tucked away and saved forever.

There are 26 photo pages designated for specific events and 4 that are left blank to be labeled as you like. They include pregnancy, baby shower, baby's first photo, at the hospital, first day home, our family, first visitors, first bath, first outing, first holiday, one to twelve months, first birthday, on the move, first steps, and first haircut. Each page is fixed with two pieces of archival photo tape but don't worry, we've included extras if you need more. Photo sizes are 4x4 inches so you can print them directly from your Instagram feed. We love to use Social Print Studio, designed for easy printing of Instagram, desktop, or mobile photos.

Each precious keepsake has a place of its own in one of the 7 catch-all pages designated for a letter to baby and child, ultrasound photos, pregnancy photos, hospital keepsakes, birth announcement, birthday memories, and milestone keepsakes.

Every page is made of thick card stock in bright white with gold foil accents throughout. The first page starts their journey with the quote "From small beginnings come great things" and a space for baby's name and birthdate.

Baby's footprints and handprints have their own pages for safe keeping.

So much is said and shared during this incredible time and you don't want to miss one word of it. We know the feeling, so we included pages to capture those "funny things you say, sweet moments and everything in between." Unforgettable quotes from the mouths of babes or close family and friends have a special spot too. 

Blue baby book cover with baby photos

Pink and blue baby books stacked

Each book comes in an archival keepsake box in matching pink or blue with the quote "From small beginnings come great things" stamped in gold foil. The interior is lined with gold foil dots on white paper. Available in pale pink and chambray, each cover is book bound over a gold spiral with custom linen fabric and "Baby" stamped in gold foil. Baby's initials can also be monogrammed in the bottom right corner of the cover.

Made with love, the Sugar Paper Baby Book is a place for all the firsts and I'll love you forevers.