Wallpaper : The Inspiration

Wallpaper : The Inspiration

Inspiration for a new product can come from anywhere. The pink of a ballet slipper, a texture on a chair, or an empty wall in a new home. When our co-founder Chelsea Shukov built her new home she had this collection in mind. "I wanted our home to feel like us - and I wanted the wallpaper to be simple and timeless. It turns out that's hard to find."

Knowing someone in the wallpaper business helped the idea along. Mert Beraze and Kiwi Neman are the co-founders of Wallshoppe and they have been Sugar Paper clients, and now friends, for years. "I reached out to Mert about doing some patterns for my own home and the idea for a collaboration fell into place."

If you've read this blog before, you know how much we love our inspiration boards. It is how a lot of the products you love start to come to life. Laying out all of the elements of our inspiration in one place helps us visualize the end result.

This is where the true magic happens. It starts with an idea, a swatch, or just a conversation like "I wish I could" and then our designers put together some concepts.

When the samples for this line started coming in Chelsea dove right into it and tried them all in her new home. Seeing it work in real life allowed her to determine the proper scale of each pattern. The design team put the finishing tweaks and touches on it and worked in collaboration with Wallshoppe to create samples. It's one thing to look at a screen and some swatches but when it really comes to life is when the product gets it's first turn in the real world.

It's important all of our designs work together and deliver a cohesive collection. It's why you'll see colors from our new cards in the wallpaper line and we have a feeling the patterns from the new wallpaper collection will end up on some new products very soon. One inspiration often creates another, it's what we love most about what we do. What inspires you?