Wrap It Up

Wrap It Up

The most wonderful time of the year also seems to be the busiest. Parties, school sing-alongs, travel-all the things. Of course gift shopping is in there too, and along with that the gift wrap. We like to get together and wrap with friends, it makes the task go by faster and with more laughs. Each year in the studio we bring what we've shopped in to be dressed up in all the wrap and ribbon we made for Target. The holiday music is turned up, the wine is poured, and the wrap and ribbon start to roll. These are a few of our favorite combinations, share yours with us on social with #sugarpaperholiday . Let the wrap party begin!

Picking one color theme can keep things easy, and beautiful. As the presents pile up under the tree, the impact of them all being in one color can be striking. Now they're not just presents, they're decorations. 

The studio favorite this year hands down was the velvet ribbon and handwritten "From Santa" wrapping paper we made for Target. The black and cream combo works with so many different ribbon colors and the handwritten note from the big guy could charm even The Grinch.

We love wrapping paper as much as the next corner maker but we know it can sometimes be a lot to wrap so many gifts this time of year. It's why we made these gift boxes that look as pretty as can be with or without paper. They're useful after the gift has been given as well. Pro tip-keep some for yourself, walk around your house, and put any little knick knacks that don't have a home in the box. It will look neat and tidy, even if you're not.

A topper on your present may seem like a little thing, but it has a lot of impact. The boxwood sprigs, jingle bell, and tiny ornament toppers we made for Target end up being a present in themselves and can be re-used as decorations on a tree or table well after the gift has been given.

Why should Valentine's Day get all the pink? We love this perfect pale shade for a twist on the traditional holiday colors. It's also a great color to have on hand all year for birthdays and anniversaries, we stock up ourselves this time of year.