Gifting Custom Stationery

Gifting Custom Stationery

Mom. That word brings up so many things for us. Love, strength, beauty, style, grace, humor, getting grounded as a kid, everything. Our moms are everything. Sometimes they're not even our moms. They could be women in our lives that fit the description of a mom but aren't technically. They could be a mentor, a godmother, a colleague. So it makes sense that when it comes to gifting our moms, we can put pressure on ourselves to get it right. In our opinion that happens when there is A-thought put into it, B-beauty put into it, C-function put into it. Personal stationery captures all three, and we're here to help you make it right for mom.

We get it, personal stationery is well, personal. And it may seem like a stressful endeavor to pick out something like that for mom as a gift. But after 15 years of making beautiful paper for people, we've picked up a few tips and tricks to share with you on how to make a big impression. It’s actually super easy. We find that people always know enough about their mother, sister, grandmother, wife to create something just unique enough to make it thrilling for her to receive.

The key is not to over-think it. You know this person, you love this person. This is a person you've spent a lot of time with. Think of her style, her favorite color, her vibe. Is it formal? More playful? Professional? Or does she gravitate more toward things that are classic? Think of how she dresses, what handbag she carries. More often than not, answering those simple questions will lead you in the right direction.

It is helpful to know what she'll be using her stationery for when deciding what style to gift her. If it is for professional use, we recommend keeping it clean and simple. If it is for friendly correspondence, incorporating her signature style with design elements like a border or even a favorite icon like a heart.

If it's feeling like too much to make it just for her, make it for the family. Maybe go for a subtle color, light blue, grey.  Or go full classic in black and white. 

If you want to go more whimsical, you can choose some modern custom calligraphy or go with a really fun color or liner. If she’s very girly and fancy we recommend pink, which we consider our specialty.  

Whatever you choose, remember it's mom and she will love it because it's from you. She'll think of you each time she writes a note and she'll proudly share the story of how she felt when she opened her custom gift. If it's the thought that counts, this gift is going to count for a lot.

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