Because she deserves the best.

Because she deserves the best.

Remember the days when you gave your mom a coupon book of hugs or a crayon sketch of a rainbow and she squealed with glee and excitement? Well even though she'd probably do the same today, we think it's time for an upgrade. Mom is always there with a kind word, an encouraging cheer, and a solid piece of advice. So we want to be there for her with a gift that shows we appreciate all she does, now and always. We think you might feel the same way. So here we've listed our top five favorite gifts for Mother's Day to help you give her the kind of day she deserves.

Moms are good at everything, but sometimes they forget to relax. Give her a reason to take a moment to herself, light a candle and curl up to a good book or just enjoy some peace and quiet.

Mom will be pretty in pink with a monogrammed note set to help her keep in touch with you and yours. Help her send some love through the mail.

Our new baby book is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Putting it together is as fun as it is to flip through it over and over again.

For Mother's Day we've put a bundle together to make your baby book complete with calligraphy for the first page, a personalized monogram, and gift wrap.

Give her a sense of delight and surprise that only the Sugar Paper pink Luxe box can bring. Filled to the brim with her favorite essentials. Because mom’s worth it.

The Sugar Paper monogram makes even the simplest item special. It shows you thought ahead, and moms like that.