Team – Sugar Paper

Our Team

Erika Finney


Favorite Color: Right Now? Gold
Favorite Font: Right Now? Didot

Carly Magno


Favorite Color: Magenta
Favorite Font: Vintage Hand-Lettered Script

Emily Bailey


Favorite Color: Warm Grey or Neon Pink, depending on the day
Favorite Font: Mrs. Eaves

Joy Rubino


Favorite Color: All shades of black & white
Favorite Font: Lato

Meredith Amezquita

Director of Marketing and PR

Favorite Color: Navy
Favorite Font: My Mom's Handwriting

Briana Monkarsh

Wholesale Account Manager

Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite Font: Bubble Letters

Cathy Yu

Director of Purchasing

Favorite Color: Electric Lime
Favorite Font: My Cousin Bora's Handwriting

Eryn Eledge

Assistant to the Founders

Favorite Color: Navy
Favorite Font: My Sister's Handwriting

Jessulyn Matias-Periera

Shipping Coordinator

Favorite Color: Moonstone
Favorite Font: Handlettering

Jameson Borders

Custom Orders Manager

Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Font: Gotham

Zahab Dahodwala

Custom Production Manager

Favorite Color: Gold
Favorite Font: Carolyna

Chris Holmes

Press Room Manager

Favorite Color: Brown... and Blue
Favorite Font: Vintage Typewriter

Ramiro Vallejo


Favorite Color: Gold
Favorite Font: Joanna's Lettering

John Cooley


Favorite Color: Charcoal
Favorite Font: Rockwell

Daniel Rosenbaum


Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Font: Gotham

Jared Rodriguez


Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Font: Times New Roman

Rene Luna

Production Assistant

Favorite Color: Black or Charcoal Grey
Favorite Font: Delfino's Script


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