Our Team

name: erika finney
title: principal designer
favorite color: right now? gold.
favorite font: right now? didot.
name: carly salindong
title: designer
favorite color: magenta
favorite font: vintage hand-lettered script
name: diana relth
title: photographer
favorite color: peacock blue
favorite font: bodoni
name: meredith brewster
title: online sales account manager
favorite color: navy
favorite font: my mom's handwriting
name: ellen godfrey
title: wholesale account manager
favorite color: green
favorite font: joanna's lettering
name: Erica Nichols
title: shipping coordinator
favorite color: teal
favorite font: old english
name: megan catherina-nelson
title: custom accounts manager
favorite color: black
favorite font: lisa's calligraphy
name: Tracey Mebane
title: Custom Wholesale Account Manager
favorite color: Green
favorite font: Vintage woodtype
name: Taylor Bythewood-Porter
title: Retail Administrative Assistant
favorite color: yellow
favorite font: feel script
name: chris holmes
title: press room manager
favorite color: brown... and blue
favorite font: vintage typewriter
name: Delfino Chojolan
title: press operations
favorite color: black & white
favorite font: sanskrit
name: Ramiro Vallejo
title: press operations
favorite color: gold
favorite font: joanna's lettering
name: john cooley
title: press operations
favorite color: charcoal
favorite font: rockwell
name: Marisa Mangum
title: creative assistant
favorite color: turquoise
favorite font: bebas
name: Juana Ballesteros
title: production manager
favorite color: I love them all!
favorite font: Too many to choose from