Step by Step: Wrap Beautifully

Step by Step: Wrap Beautifully

We're often asked how to tie a beautiful bow and how we make presents look like the images we post on Instagram. Here's the secret: It's really easy. We promise. And we're going to teach you how.

Step 1

Grab your favorite wrapping paper, choose ribbon to match, and gather all your supplies. Have sharp scissors and tape on hand before you begin.

Step 2

Roll out the paper and place your package on top. Cut the paper 1 to 3 inches larger than your gift, depending on the height of the box you're wrapping.

Cutting the paper to size is the most important step to wrapping a beautiful gift.

Step 3

Fold the paper around the gift and use tape to secure the paper on the back side.

Step 4

This is important. To fold the corners properly, the paper must be cut to size.

Fold the wrap over the side of the box and secure it with tape. Fold the excess paper on the sides into crisp triangles by creasing the edges. Next, fold the creased corners into the center and secure with tape.

Crease the final two corners into triangles and fold the paper up. Secure with tape.

Step 5

Spool out a long piece of ribbon. Wrap a long piece of ribbon around the box and and cross the ends underneath to wrap the ribbon back around the box the other way.

Step 6

The bow. We believe that if you can tie a shoelace you can tie a beautiful bow. The trick is what you do after you tie the bow.

After you tie what looks to you like a sloppy bow, take the time to adjust it. Make the bow the size you like by adjusting each loop. The knot will hold it in place as you perfect it.

Step 7

Trim the ends of your ribbon. We always cut the ribbon on an angle with a sharp pair of scissors so the ribbon doesn't fray.

Pro Tip: Add a small ornament or a sprig of greenery from your garden as a gift topper.

Ta-Daaaa! You're done.