Target Holiday Sneak Peak

Target Holiday Sneak Peak

When we were first asked to design holiday gift wrap for Target, we approached it the way we approach our personal holiday gift wrapping. We wanted the wrap to be color-coordinated, beautiful, and easy to use so that anyone could easily pull together beautiful packages. We knew it would be well-received, but we had no idea how much people would love it… and ask Target bring us back for more. This year, we decided to elevate the assortment to include everything for the tree so that the woman who loves the gift wrap can create holiday décor to match. We have ornaments, we have lights, we have the star! We made the holiday offering of our dreams and we can’t wait to decorate our own trees.

When designing the collection, we found ourselves loving the idea of the Target guest being able to choose a color story that could inspire all of their holiday decorating, not just the tree.

We all love red at the holidays, so adding red into the line was a given.

White and gold was also a must. It's clean and simple, and also allows for endless ribbon and topper options. 

We had to add a bit of classic Sugar Paper with our signature pale pink and gold.

We added grey into the line as a sophisticated option.

And then a deep navy for the person who loves traditional colors, but maybe not the traditional holiday red.

This thoughtful collection is meant to be interchangeable and cover all aspects of the gift-giving season, whether it’s decorating the tree or getting the bow just right on a gold trimmed box.

We know that ornaments are not just decorations, they’re keepsakes, so for something extra special we’ve included logo charms with the year on them so you can add an element of history as you decorate each year. 

Mark your calendars - the collection is set to hit shelves and early November, and if the past two years are any indication, the good stuff goes fast!

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