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A new year is a clean slate and an opportunity to set goals, plan adventures and live your best life. It’s a time to take a minute and think of what a new year can bring and how it can be spent. We find that opening a new agenda allows your imagination to run wild, and we find that when we write things down life magically falls into place.  We’ve got big ideas and we like to keep them top of mind to inspire us daily.

This year, we’re inspired to slow down. We’re going to get ahead of the schedule and plan a great trip. We’re going to streamline our workflow and keep ahead of the to-dos. We’re going to write our own personal mission statements in big bold letters throughout. We’re going to make this the best year ever, and we can’t wait to get started. What will 2018 look like for you?


It is said that setting goals provides direction and gives clearer focus to what is important. Writing goals down and revisiting them throughout the year gives a sense of personal satisfaction and pride. We like to scatter them throughout our agendas as checkpoints and motivators. Start slow, but dream big.

Happy New Year!