Let's Talk Planners

Let's Talk Planners

For a company known for planners, it’s kind of unbelievable that we are introducing our FIRST EVER August-start academic planners. We read your emails, we listened to your feedback, and we designed a line we’re proud to use ourselves. We’re moms after all, so an August start is hugely helpful to us too.

We Changed The Paper

Here is a little truth talk about our planner paper. Simply put, we made a mistake. In the past, we chose a paper that was a high-quality cotton because we liked the look and feel of it. We also liked that it was thin and made your planners more lightweight so you can use them on the go. This caused something called “ghosting,” which is when the lines on the next page of your planner show through. You didn’t like that. We know because you called and emailed and posted and for that we say thank you! Your feedback matters to us. This year, we found a slightly thicker paper that is still beautiful, but will reduce ghosting while keeping your planners as lightweight and portable as possible.

The Layout

We know this is what you really want to know about. We get it, we’re planner people too. We use these planners every day at work and at home and, frankly, we can’t live without them. It is hard to match the exact layout to the exact planner person, but by listening to your requests we think we’ve got just what you’re looking for.

The Spiral Academic layout includes:

  • Separate “Notes” pages for every week so you can schedule on one page and take notes on the other.
  • Monthly goals with call outs "to do," "to email," "deadlines," and "important dates".
  • Wise words from wise women to keep you inspired.
  • Lined and unlined boxes, great for bullet journaling.

The Monthly Academic layout includes:

  • Two-page monthly grid layout so you can see the entire month at one time.
  • Lined note section so you can customize each month as you like.
  • Several lined pages in the back of the planner for extra notes.

We love starting with a fresh planner in the middle of the year to re-boot and start fresh. 

Academic vs. Regular Year

Academic and regular year planners are both 12-month calendar planners, but the academic style starts in August and ends in July. We created this layout to mirror the schedule students and teachers live their lives on: the school schedule. We also love starting with a fresh planner in the middle of the year to re-boot and start fresh. Regular year planners follow the traditional calendar, starting in January and ending in December. (Don't worry, the complete collection of regular year planners will be here in October and will include all the formats you love.)

You live your life on an academic calendar,

your planner should follow suit.