Color Coordinate Your Desk

Color Coordinate Your Desk

As designers we talk about color a lot, in fact we're kind of obsessed with it. We talk about how it looks, what it represents, and how it makes us feel. And we're not alone. In fact, talking about color is actually a science, it's called color psychology. It's the study of colors in our environment and how our color choices reflect who we are. And of course we've all heard of feng-shui, which says certain colors in certain places can help maintain balance in the home and work place.

We see, and feel, it everyday in our wardrobe, our accessories, and most notably in the studio at our desks. It's a big part of how we work, and we thought it could be for you too. So here are a few of our favorite combos and what they represent.

Bring on the balance! 

notebook, spiral, concealed pad, pouch, card holder, gingham noteset, pens, file folders, lists


Black is said to bring a grounding and protective presence, it can also summon job opportunities or career advancements.

notebooks, card holder, pen, pouch, notepad, file folders, noteset, concealed pad


Pink is gentle and soothing, and not surprisingly our favorite. Whenever we see pink, we feel calmer. No wonder our studio walls are dressed in it.

noteset, spiral, list, notebooks, file folders, pen



Blue has a refreshing feel to it in the work place, and it is said to bring comfort. It is also said to bring on wealth and abundance, and our favorite...creativity.

What color are you?