A Tale of Two Pens

For analog lovers like us, the pen is our favorite desk accessory and a sure sign of someone with something important to say. Think of the books that have been written and the love notes that have been penned. It's with this in mind we created the twist pen to add to our desk collection. A lighter, slimmer pen designed to fill a cup on your desk, it's quickly become the perfect compliment to our beloved signature pen.

The sleek design of the twist pen makes it easy to pop in your purse and is perfect to tuck under a bow on top of a gift. It can be refilled just like our signature pens.

A favorite for teachers is a journal and note set tied with a bow and topped with a twist pen tucked in the ribbon.

For the graduate or a colleague we love to give the signature pen on top of an agenda or notebook. The box itself is a gift and the pen inside means business.

Whether your favorite is the signature or twist pen, you'll want to have one ready for when that great idea comes, a love note needs to be sent or a grocery list beckons. After all, tasks are tasks...why not do them beautifully.