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Sugarfina is the crème de la crème of treats, goodies, gummies, and other delightful luxury candies. Their flagship store is located in sunny, palm-laced Beverly Hills. They travel far and wide to find “the best of the best” in delicious treats from all over the world. Here, we ask them where they go to find the best of the best closer to home, Beverly Hills itself. Made with the finest ingredients and sourced worldwide, we've asked them to think locally.

Where is Sugarfina? What's on your block?
Sugarfina is near the corner of Rodeo Dr. and little Santa Monica Blvd in the heart of Beverly Hills.  Our neighbors include Charlotte Olympia and Bobbi Brown.  Shoes, lipstick, candy… we’ve got all the basic food groups covered!
In three or four words. “Beverly Hills is…”
Beverly Hills is luxury, sunshine and happiness.
Two colors that embody Beverly Hills? Pantone chips great references.
Flamingo Pink and Palm Tree Green
Now, I’ve visited Sugarfina, gobbled up some of the finest gummy bears in the land, and a sugar high has taken full effect. Where do I go now with all this energy?
Shop Rodeo Drive!  It’s the most iconic street in the world for good reason.  All the luxury brands are on point with flagship boutiques and amazing window displays.
Favorite spot for coffee with a friend?
Nespresso on N Beverly Drive.  It’s a gorgeous space and they have a fun featured drink every month.
Favorite place for inspiration?
Dior, Hermes, Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton… their Rodeo Drive boutiques are pure eye candy.  I always walk out of those shops with tons of new ideas for our candy and packaging.
Where to take an out-of-towner to get the full Beverly Hills-effect?
Lunch at Spago, shopping Rodeo Drive, high tea at The Peninsula, and of course, a drink at the Regent Beverly Wilshire (the “Pretty Woman” hotel).

The spot or place you go to be yourself, quiet?
I could spend hours driving in the side streets of Beverly Hills.  The residential streets north of Sunset are filled with gorgeous tree-lined streets, curvy roads, palm trees, and larger-than-life homes.  It’s a day-dreamy world and a beautiful place to get lost.
Your favorite place to indulge?
Sugarfish on Beverly Drive.  This particular location has a secret back room called The Nozawa Bar that offers an 18-course omakase sushi dinner.  It’s hands down my favorite meal in L.A. and I treat myself every year on my birthday.
Most overlooked or underrated thing to do or place to visit in Beverly Hills?
The “tree streets” in Beverly Hills are pretty cool.  Several streets are named after a tree, and the street is fully lined with those trees.  Palm, Maple, Elm, Arden, Alpine, Linden, they’re all really beautiful.  It would make for a pretty cool photo project for an afternoon!
The Greystone Mansion is also a fun place to visit, particularly during the Concours d’elegance, a vintage luxury car show.  A 1920’s estate filled with hundreds of cars from that time period, you feel like you’ve stepped back in time.
Most genuinely sweet, fun, fantastic thing that everyone else knows about, but you should check out anyway?
The Chocolate Tour of Beverly Hills!  They take you around to all the dessert shops in the city (there are lots of them) and you basically taste test your way through Beverly Hills.  Sugarfina is one of the stops on the tour and we give out lots of yummy samples.
Take a close friend for an amazing meal?
Baldi.  It’s where Josh (my fiancé and business partner) and I had our second date, and it’s just one of the most charming, cozy and delicious little spots in the city.  Beautifully-prepared Italian that is consistently excellent.