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In honor of one of our very favorite holidays, Valentine’s Day, we held a workshop at our studio, took a step back from the non-stop busyness of life, put pen to paper and wrote out some heartfelt love letters. To mom, to dad, to hubs, and to everyone else in between. While we only had a few seats available, there was a whole lot of love that poured out of the room (and maybe even a few tears!). For all of those who weren’t able to join us, we wanted to share a few helpful tips on how you can ink the perfect, thoughtful, love-filled letter to your nearest and dearest.

1. Grab your favorite journal and brainstorm.

a. List all of the words that come to mind when you think of this person
b. What made you fall in love with them?
c. How does your world look different because they are in it?
d. What do you see for your future together?
e. What things make your relationship special?

2. Turn to a fresh page, piece your notes together, and pen a rough draft.

3. Grab your favorite piece of stationery, get your best handwriting ready, and craft your final draft.

photos courtesy of Diana Relth | loveletter tips courtesy of Nourish Events LA