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Sugar Paper is very pleased to share with you a very special installment of “From the desk of…”. Today we feature an impressive multi-tasker, winter enthusiast, and king of all things jolly. Yes, Santa Claus will be sharing his productivity “nest,” trade secrets to keeping a contemporary life in order, and how he has a very charitable Christmas all wrapped up this year.

Hi Santa. I think we all know where you’re based, but for the sake of the interview, can you tell us where your studio is based?
The North Pole. Actually, my workshop is kind of North Pole adjacent. I get a better view of the Northern Lights from there. My home office is a mess, so I prefer the workshop. The elves keep me on task and make a mean pot of coffee. They’re lifesavers.

Can you tell us what you love most about your office?
Well, I live at my desk. It’s Santa’s homebase for most of the year. It’s where I do all my list checking (yes, twice. Santa can be forgetful), map out my annual route, and tinker with the latest toys & gadgets. And, at the end of the day, my workshop becomes purposefully nest-like. I like to kick up my feet by the fire and listen to my favorite podcasts. Gotta rest up before the busiest night of the year!

What are the three things you can’t live without on your desk?
My pen set. White gloves. And plenty of notecards. Santa gets almost as much as he gives, and the thing to do after receiving a gift is to write a thank you note. Preferably immediately. That way I don’t forget. Take heed, kids.

Any gift ideas that you would like to share with the group?
Most certainly! This year I discovered SantaCAN. It’s a gift drive supporting the foster youth of Los Angeles. Good people go online and buy & send items from children’s wish lists. It’s super simple, super easy. And you know what? SantaCAN granted the holiday wishes of more than 600 kids in foster care last year! That’s a huge help to yours truly. If everyone participated, Santa might even have time to take a vacation! Is the South Pole warm?

What are you reading?
The Polar Express. Sigh. I need to join a book club.

What are you listening to?
The classics.

And, finally, what would you like people to know about you?
May I be serious for a moment? I’d like to state for the whole internet that I like my cookies “cookies.” No gluten-free or low-carb alternatives. Bring on the gluten, and please be generous of spirit with the sugar and the spice. And, I would be remiss if I didn’t stress the following. Presents are great, but Christmas is made all the more special when love is given freely, too. Happy holidays, folks!

Sugar Paper supports SantaCAN and encourages everyone to participate. Please consider a donation or gift today.