2020 Planners, New Details

2020 Planners, New Details

Designing planners has become a central part of our job. Sugar Paper planners are considered the gold-standard in planners and we know they have to be right. You're passionate about your plans and how you want to organize your time, and that inspires us every day. Each time we sit down in a design meeting we talk about you, what you need and want, and how we can make this year's planners the best yet. We know that the details make a Sugar Paper planner special, and this year's choices were designed with you in mind.

New Paper

Here's a little truth talk about paper. Last year, we made a very specific paper choice for our planners and you did not like the choice we made. We know because you told us.

When we sat down to choose the paper for our planners we became hyper-focused on a specific shade of white. We wanted the paper in our planners to match our line of fine stationery. And, as it turns out, that is a very tricky task. We poured over different paper stocks, considering the shade of white and the feel of each one. We got overly obsessive about the color and the feel, and we neglected to focus on the shadowing that was created by choosing a super high-end, super-bright white, cotton paper.  Your emails and your opinions pushed us to be better and we love you for it.
This year we found a paper that meets all of our needs. The paper is crisp white, it feels good on your fingertips, and the see-through quality has been improved. We will never sacrifice quality, but we understand that form must always follow function.

New Sizes

This new Small Bound Planner is the same size as our best-selling essential journal. It’s slim and sleek and book-bound with a flax linen cover and a pink elastic closure. Interior details include a weekly layout on the right with each week providing room for your notes and to-dos on the left.

The Pocket Planner is portable, functional, and well...adorable. It's meant to go where you go and can be used for everyday scheduling or as a reference calendar. It's a mini companion to our exquisite Desk Agenda.

Darker Ink

The beauty of social media is being able to connect directly with our customers on a daily basis. So when the requests started coming in over Instagram for a slightly darker shade of grey ink, we were happy to oblige.

Elastic Closure

We can all use help keeping it together, so we're introducing an elastic closure onto our Concealed Agenda, much like we have on our popular Essential Journals and on the new  Small Bound Planner.

We know that the details make a Sugar Paper planner special, and this year's choices were designed with you in mind.

New Colors

Inspired by our new solid spirals, we're excited to bring our new Office Green into the mix this year, both in solid and pin dot. This year, the Desk Planner is available in our signature pink fabric and it's already become a favorite. Our custom faded stripe and flax dot are covering the Concealed Agendas and we designed them to coordinate with our favorite Fabric Pouches to complete the look.

Did we miss one? Is there something you'd like to see on next year's agendas? Send us an email or join our Facebook group to share your thoughts.